Gearing up for the Gardening Year

Splashes of colour from early bulbs

Splashes of colour from early bulbs

Welcome back to Gardenwise for 2019 and I hope you missed me! I’m looking forward to sharing all things gardening with you this year as we, and our gardens, emerge shivering from another winter. There might be a few more weeks of it to go yet, but the days are beginning to lengthen out and you can be sure that spring, green and growth are not too far away.

If the garden’s looking a bit tired and dull, an hour or two of winter tidying can go a long way towards freshening it up and cheering up the view from inside. It’s amazing the difference this can make, but by clearing up last year’s dead leaves and cutting back tattered brown stems of perennials, you end up noticing things you wouldn’t otherwise – tiny early bulbs flowering, small green shoots appearing and the elusive scent of winter -flowering shrubs.

With that in mind, here are a few tasks you can be cracking on with if you’re keen to get outside:

If perennial grasses are looking tired, run a gloved hand through them to ‘comb’ out any dead leaves – you can use a rake to do this for larger varieties.

Remove last year’s leaves from hellebores by cutting at the base, to allow the pretty nodding flowerheads to take centre stage – new leaves will follow within the next few weeks.

Remove dead leaves from paved areas and borders -they’re favourite hiding places for slugs and snails waiting to munch on new growth.

Finish pruning of roses and shrubs – provided it’s not frosty.

Mulch beds and borders with a thick layer of home made compost or composted bark, available from garden centres, to help keep weeds down and moisture in the soil for the growing season ahead.

Finally, remember to keep bird feeders topped up – the colder the weather, the more they depend on this vital food source and watching them from inside can gladden the heart on a dreary day.

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