Best first cars of 2019

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The curves. The smoothness. The soft touch of leather against our skin. We all remember our first. Car that is, and here at the we list the top first cars for drivers to purchase in 2019.

Our first car provides us with a new sense of freedom that we have never experienced and securing the proper set of wheels for any novice driver is an exciting, but also an overwhelming, prospect. Let's have a look at the best of what 2019 has to offer.

Kia Picanto

I may be biased as it was my first car but the Kia Picanto is perfect for learners and novice drivers. It is a small car so anyone who can turn an ignition should be able to handle the Picanto's size as well as horse power. It tends to be cheaper compared to its rivals, due to its size, and does not cost that much to insure.

The Picanto has excellent handling, a generously sized boot, and comes with a seven-year warranty.

Skoda Citigo

Named by many industry experts as their best first car, the Skoda Citigo can be considered as the complete package for first-time drivers. With regards to its engine it is very economical and has one of the cheapest insurances around. It looks good and feels good to drive.

Volkswagon Polo

For those who have a little extra cash to splash, the Volkswagon Polo has always been popular for first time buyers.

The Volkswagen Polo looks a little tame compared to some of its funkier rivals, but it has lots to offer as a first car for new drivers. Reliable and fuel efficient, the Polo has great resale value meaning when the time comes to move on, sellers will get their money's worth for their beloved Polo.

SEAT Ibiza

Lightweight, quiet, and comfortable, the SEAT Ibiza is a popular purchase among first time buyers. The car is for the hi-tech lovers with adaptive cruise control, pedestrian detection with auto braking, and wireless charging for mobiles all available.

So there are a few ideas for first cars. Happy hunting.

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