Preparing for PAYE modernisation briefing

January 2019 will see a complete new approach in how payroll functions. GPA Solutions has designed a two hour PAYE modernisation briefing which explains these changes and outlines what it means for the employee, the employer, and Revenue.

It is important that every employer is prepared and aware of how some routine payroll functions will be changing, and the rules that must be complied with.

With this in mind, GPA Solutions has designed a two hour briefing which will outline and explain the impact PAYE modernisation will have on the payroll process from January 1. This interactive briefing has limited places and encourages group discussion, shared experiences, and questions and feedback.

Participants will learn how to prepare for PAYE modernisation, and the steps that need to be put in place to ensure a smooth transition. Participants will learn what to expect from their software for 2019 and how to interact with ROS. This briefing will also discuss how employers who do not have payroll software will be able to comply with this new legislation.

The next interactive and informative briefing will take place on Wednesday December 19 at 9.30am in Galway. To register see, Eventbrite, or contact 091 562838.


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