Talos - pain, optimism, and indie-pop

Eoin French's indie-electro pop band return to the Róisín Dubh



"I'M AN architect. But it’s not my profession. I love making music. At times, I design things…and it’s a welcome release. But music is what I do.” So says Talos who plays Galway this month.

Talos - aka Corkonian Eoin French - brings his indie/electro-pop sound to the Róisín Dubh on Saturday December 22 at 8pm. He will play songs from his acclaimed debut album Wild Alee, as well as recent single, ‘See Me’, which Nialler9 called "the most overtly pop inspired track" the artist has released to date, noting it also "offers the listener a glimpse into how Talos’ future material [might] evolve and develop".

Speaking about his music, French said: "I’d like to think the music is transportive. Even though the songs came from a painful place, there’s an optimistic thread running through them because I wanted to create something uplifting. I wrote these songs as a promise of better things to come.”

Tickets are available from www.roisindubh.net; the Ticket Desk at [email protected], Shop Street; and The Róisín Dubh.


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