Look after your pipes this winter and they will look after you

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The weather has been pretty poor the past couple of weeks with torrential rain, high winds, and of course, the freezing temperatures.

With the elements being so rough and tough, our heating systems have been working overtime to keep us nice and toasty when we settle down on the sofa after a long day's work. However, due to the excess usage, it is only important to be vigilant for leaks and clogs on pipes.

Here at the advertiser.ie we provide some top tips to keep your pipes flowing smoothly until we reach the gentler climes of spring.

1. Insulation

Just like we can wrap and add a couple of layers to keep ourselves warm this winter, pipes need some extra padding to keep them going through the cold temperatures. It is something which many people forget to do but can have drastic consequences. Pipes which are not insulated are liable to freeze up and crack resulting in no hot water or heating for the house. Install lagging around your home heating and water pipes to insulate them. A professional can fit this for you or keen DIY-ers can purchase lagging from a DIY store.

2. Let the water run free

It is essential to keep water flowing through the pipes during winter. Water that is stationary is liable to freeze so it is important to turn on taps and let the water run. This come be done every couple of days or every day, leaving a trickle coming out of the tap. It is dependent on the temperature.

3. Disconnect the outdoor hose

It is highly unlikely that the outdoor hose will be needed to water the lawn or plants during winter so it is advisable to disconnect it from the main pipe lines. Disconnecting the outdoor hose will also prevent the possibility of any pipes connecting inside the home from freezing as well as keeping the hose usable when spring arrives again.

4. Set a timer on the heating

Setting a timer for the heating to come on every day during winter is highly advisable, even if it is only 30 minutes, as it heats the pipes and keeps hot water flowing through them, ergo preventing the pipes from freezing.

5. Always call a professional

If there happens to be an issue with one of the pipes always call a professional plumber. Cutting corners and saving a few euro in the short-term might seem like a good idea but in the long run it may end up costing the householder more if a more serious problem develops with the pipe.

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