Galway Advertiser's Best Galway Songs 2018

Daithí, Dott, Ultan Conlon, Galway Street Club, Chris Haze, Emma Lohan, Eoin Dolan, Tayne, Yawning Chasm, The Clockworks, We Banjo 3

GALWAY IS very lucky to have the musicians it has, very fortunate to have the range,diversity and calibre of the muscians who are either from here, or who else choose to live here.

In recognition of what Galway musicians have achieved over the past 12 months, the Galway Advertiser presents 12 great songs, released in 2018, by a diverse array of Galway artists such as We Banjo 3 (folk, country, roots, bluegrass ), Dott (garage rock/indie rock ), Ultan Conlon (singer-songwriter ), Chris Haze (pop ), Tayne (experimetnal ), and a host of others.

If you hve not heard these already, you are in for a treat. If you have, you know there is great msuic here to enjoy again. Either way, keep supporting Galway music. 



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