Emmet Scanlan and What The Good Thought return to Galway

A fresh look at some old songs with a gig in The Crane Bar

Emmet Scanlan.

Emmet Scanlan.

IT HAS been a long time, but singer-songwriter Emmet Scanlan, and his band, What The Good Thought, make a very welcome return to Galway to play a show.

The Limerick born, former Galway resident, and now London based artist, and his band - originally formed in Galway - play The Crane Bar, Sea Road, on Friday November 23, where they will perform tracks from their forthcoming album, Hands.

Hands was originally released independently in 2009, where it received positive reviews from The Irish Times and Hotpress. However, after two years recording and a lifetimes savings, Emmet admitted, "I was not fully happy with the end result. The album momentum petered out as a result, although we released a number of EP's that earned us tours in Ireland, the UK, and Germany."

So Emmet and What The Good Thought decided the songs needed to get the platform they deserve. They kept the parts which worked (cello/classical guitar/percussion ), added the new elements (bass/drums/electric guitars ), while Emmet re-recorded his guitar and vocal parts. The band will release the new version of Hands in 2019.


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