People of the Tribes: Meet Carrie.

In association with McGettigans

My name is Carrie Budds. I am a proud Cork woman who was adopted by the amazing city & people of Galway more than a decade ago. In the late 1990s, I studied for my degree in Limerick and by a happy coincidence, I ended up living with a group of mad Galwegians. And from then, all I wanted was to have a “Galway passport”, which I think I can safely say I have now. My favourite thing about Galway is the lifestyle balance it embraces. For a cold, wet swamp on the west coast of the most Western part of Europe, it is one of the most active places I’ve lived. As a Personal Trainer, I love seeing people being active, especially outdoors. There are always people out cycling, running, walking, skate-boarding or swimming at Blackrock, even on days when the wind is blowing them sideways. And there is always a festival, culture night or other events to feed the mind too. There’s always something going on! I also love how easy it is to get around (though I know some people will cry “but the TRAFFIC!!” ). I cycle as much as possible, and try to encourage other people to do the same with our regular Mindful Commute days in the city. It is often faster to get around on your own steam than in the car. I see myself living here until I’m auld shtock, and love the idea that my daughter Easkey will grow up in such a diverse, active and accepting city. H’on the Tribesmen (unless they’re playing the Rebels of course! )

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