Tips for Interior Decorating this Winter

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With the coldest months of the year on the way, it can be hard to keep the chill out of everyday life. One way to warm up the winter days is sprucing up your home’s interior design. By bringing cosy, trendy and classic styles to your home, you can welcome warmth and life that you never had before, to the pre-holiday season!

Natural festoons

In Ireland, we are surrounded by nature on every side, so what better way to bring life into your home than nature’s unrefined decorations. Local and fresh bunches of leaves and flowers such as holly, wildflower bog myrtle, ivy, cedar and boxwood are beautiful ornaments for the holiday season and winter months. These leaves and flowers can be fashioned into decorative garlands and wreaths ( for the holidays ) or can be bunched up in bouquets for a sporadic pop here and there. The organic decorations bring a natural aura to your home which is a must for winter interior design.

Soft furnishings

As the weather outside is as good as Baltic, the only warmth you can get is from your home. The most important tip to create a cosy, warm environment during the holiday season is the use of soft furnishings. Soft furnishings such as pillows, cushions, rugs and blankets, turn a house into a home. They can be personalized depending on your likes and dislikes and the theme of your home. Brightly coloured, neutrally toned or warm-hued adornments can all aid in creating a homely, comfortable, stylish aura for the winter months.

White / Neutrals

Whites and neutral hues are usually considered the primary necessity for interior design, especially as a beginner. White can be paired with an array of colours and during the winter months and is imperative for the perfect, holiday decor. White is associated with simplicity, hope and idealism and it can make a space look open and expansive. Sometimes the neutral white can give a cold, harsh feeling if it is applied incorrectly but paired with the above tips, especially soft furnishings, white can create the perfect winter vibe! So if white is not for you, other neutral colours like cream, beige and off-whites can give a softer impression but the same warmth you need at this time of year.


The classic way of warming up your home literally and looks wise lies with the fireplace. When lit, the flames of a fire cast a beautiful warm hue over an entire room giving a feeling of warmth and cosiness to it. Fireplaces offer the perfect destination to curl up in front of the crackling flames for countless indoor, winter activities. Traditional fireplaces work with both modern and modest homes. The mantle over the fireplace is the perfect place to sit decorations such as candles, natural garnishes, photo frames and fairy lights which gives a personal touch to your fireplace.

Wall hangings/ photo frames

Winter is the time of family and spreading the love so if you feel your home is incomplete or lacks a personal touch, why not add some memoirs of you and your loved ones to your living area. Wall decorations add a sense of character and excitement to a room that most houses lack at this time of year. Examples of adornments are personal photos in quirky frames, fairy lights, children’s paintings/drawings or a shelf can stock souvenirs, candles and much more.


Winter comes with its up and downs but one thing you can count on this year is the cost of the holidays. Whether it is splurging on presents or central heating costs that are sending your bills skyrocketing, Christmas isn’t the best time to be frugal. That’s where DIYs come in. DIYs are the perfect way to give your home interior a festive touch without breaking the bank. Mason jars of fairy lights, homemade made baubles, snowglobes and candle holders are some of the countless creative ways to step up your decorating game whilst having fun with your family this winter.

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