Blackberry Hearing — what the customers say

Blackberry Hearing was established in 2015. John Ryan and Dave Gleeson, the founders, drew on their long business experience to provide quality solutions at the best prices with exceptional customer care.

“We built the business from scratch around the principles of affordability, transparency, quality, and customer care," said John Ryan. “How do we know we have succeeded? Because our customers tell us.”

Blackberry Hearing has accumulated hundreds of validated customer Facebook comments on its website Some of the comments are below and all comments may be viewed on the Blackberry Hearing website.

Brendan Martin: “I got my hearing aids last year and I’m living in a new world since. Blackberry Hearing are undoubtedly the best around for quality, price [60 per cent less than others], free batteries for four years, and aftercare attention. You’d want to be mad to go anywhere else.”

Pat Mc Neely: “I have to say Blackberry Hearing has changed my life, TV at home is down by over 50 per cent, I can now talk to and hear my friends when I go for a pint, but the biggest benefit is when I go into a class of up to 40 teenagers I can actually hear them and answer their questions. Thank you Blackberry Hearing.”

Tom Prendergast: “I got my hearing aids in Blackberry Hearing last Tuesday. My tinnitus is gone! I can hardly believe it! Thank you so much Blackberry Hearing.”

Antoinette Toomey: “To say I’m happy with the hearing aids is an understatement, they have changed the everyday quality of my life. I suffer with tinnitus and for me it has helped this condition. I’m now hearing what people are saying to me and not guessing what they are saying. The after care is excellent. The price also makes them accessible to more people.”

Blackberry Hearing holds more than 60 clinics nationwide. It employs degree level or masters level audiologists only and people can call directly at 01 6978470 to book a free consultation at a clinic near to them. If you feel you are missing out in life due to hearing loss, get in touch. Blackberry Hearing discusses everything in advance including price, grant, and model options.

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