Top tips to get fit this winter

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Staying indoors and staying warm is probably what most of us wish to do during Winter but while that might be good for keeping the tootsies toasty, it is not good for our waistbands.

Cold weather is no excuse to avoid exercise and here at the we provide tips on how to battle the bulge and tone that tóin this winter.

1. Go outside

Do not let cold temperatures scare you from going outside and benefiting from the fresh air. Being outdoors, even if it is cold, increases our serotonin levels, which will lower during the winter as the days are shorter, ergo there is less light. A 30-minute walk or run in the cool, crisp, air can be refreshing for both body and mind.

2. Get the right gear

Obviously, a pair of shorts and a sports top is not going to cut it when the mercury levels are hovering below the zero degrees Celsius mark so what you wear is important. Baselayer pants and compression long sleeve tops are worn by top athletes to keep warm while training outside, so if it is good enough for the goose and all that.

3. Join a gym

No need to explain why joining a gym during the winter has its advantages.

4. Invest in home gym equipment

If going to the gym after work is not your thing, why not bring the gym to you by investing in some gym equipment. Remember when winter is over the equipment can still be used when summer comes around.

There are no excuses this winter - get exercising.

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