‘Naked’ wedding dress

The naked wedding dress is officially a trend that started with evening celebrity dresses, then filtered onto the red carpet, and ended up on the aisle. Bridal magazines are reporting a 30 per cent rise in brides choosing dresses in shades of nude.

What do those dresses look like? Far from being actually naked, the naked wedding dress trend is the type of dress that completely covers the wearer in lace, while giving the illusion of nudity under the cut-out lace. Bear in mind that good lingerie is key. The best way to feel confident in your naked wedding dress is to wear nude coloured underwear to cover their delicate bits while still giving an illusion of nudity.

Brides these days realise that dressing as a bride should not be restrictive. That is why they are moving away from the traditional styles of wedding dress in favour of more contemporary styles. Teasing a glimpse, indulging a passion for style and design, and playing with shape is a trend and is the future. Visit Belladona and see all of the naked wedding dresses available in store.

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