A play by Picasso for Culture Night

Margaretta D'Arcy to present Desire Caught By The Tail

PICASSO WAS the greatest artist of the 20th century, but he also dabbled in literature, thanks to his interest in the Surrealists and their citing him as a major inspiration.

In 1941 in Paris, during the Nazi occupation, wrote the “surrealistic and simply weird” play Desire Caught By The Tail. It was first performed as a reading in a private house with Jean-Paul Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir, and other literary notables. It was read in London with Dylan Thomas and in New York with David Hockney.

Veteran activist and writer Margaretta D'Arcy will present a reading of Desire Caught By The Tail on Friday September 21 at 1pm at 10 Bridget's Place Lower, Woodquay. There will be a cast of 10 readers. The event is part of Culture Night. Margaretta says the play is, "burlesque but its language has been forced into a state of instability and like a spring, it uncoils with violence hitting out on all sides as it is released. What style could be more suitable to Picasso in expressing rage, anxiety and the nostalgia of Paris occupied by the Nazis during the depths of the blackest winter in World War II?"

All are welcome but space is limited and early arrival is advised.


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