Back to school without a bang

Pioneers of wellbeing in Irish schools, Dr Ann Caulfield and Derval Dunford of Mindfulness Matters, have just released a video giving teachers' and children’s perspectives on the difference that simple practices can make to anxiety, worry, concentration, and the overall classroom climate. One cute example from the children demonstrates how to magically manage ‘butterflies in their tummies’, something that may be useful for some teachers and parents, as well as children going back to school.

A blend of Mindfulness Matters’ creative practices, Dr Caulfield’s evidence-based research, and extensive interaction with thousands of teachers ensures that their way of weaving wellbeing into daily life is practical and an optimum fit for Irish teachers and Irish schools. In essence, emotional regulation is the foundation of wellbeing, healthy relationships, and life skills for children, adults, and teens. Children’s practices are designed on a cross-curricular basis, and actually re-instate wellbeing to its rightful place — a natural part of holistic education.

“Without a doubt this has been the most interesting and enjoyable course I have done, on a personal and professional basis," one online participant said of the Mindfulness Matters course. "The learning has been invaluable. Life in my mind, my home, and my classroom will be so different. I am already looking forward to doing the Level 2 course and of course my mindful EPV days.”

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