Cinema review: Incredibles 2

Mr Incredible's parenting struggles provide the best moments in latest instalment of family superhero movie

PIXAR HAS had a pretty tumultuous few years. Its studio head John Lasseter has stepped down due to alleged sexual miscondonduct for "missteps" and "unwanted hugs". Now the studio, which was known for amazing original work, has just released its fourth sequel this decade, with two more to come in 2019.

That said, the studio is still making buckets of money and is still turning out some genuine classics. Incredibles 2 follows on from the really great The Incredibles which came out in 2004. It quite literally follows on exactly the moment the original ended which is fun.

Super heroes are still outlawed but a billionaire brother and sister are looking to invest a reality TV show type to rehab the public image of our heroes. At first they only want to hire Elastagirl which leaves Mr Incredible at home to mind the kids. He struggles to help the kids with their homework, love life, and baby Jack-Jack's burgeoning powers.

The strongest points of the film are Mr Incredible's parenting struggles. I would almost prefer if the movie spent longer on the home life. Indeed the struggle of the maths homework will be one that is familiar to most families.

Holly Hunter is back voicing Elastigirl, her southern drawl and comic timing makes her Pixar’s best voice actor selection since getting Tom Hanks for Woody. She’s so funny and charming and got me to revisit her classic romantic comedy Broadcast News - she really is a treasure. The rest of the cast from the original movie is back and a sharp funny script gives them great material. New comers Bob Odenkirk and Catherine Keener add to a great ensemble.

Incredibles 2 is not Pixar’s best by any stretch but when comparing to Pixar’s finest it is hard to compete. It is streets ahead of all other animation studios currently. Lots of laughs and lots of great action.



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