Burke brothers get fruity with new delivery service

Brothers Ronan and Niall Burke with their dad Frank.

Brothers Ronan and Niall Burke with their dad Frank.

TheFruitBrothers.ie, which launched in June, is bringing the best of what you fancy fruit wise to Galway businesses. Under the direction of the Burke Brothers, who run Burkes Fruit & Veg Ltd, this new service is ensuring that Galway companies have the option to eat better during working hours with daily fruit box deliveries into offices, work spaces, and businesses.

Eating well and performing well go hand in hand. Niall and Ronan Burke, who own and run Burke Fruit & Veg Ltd, which has been going since 1971, know this very well. Since taking over the company in 2005, Niall Burke has expanded the company by initiating a wholesale service and through the introduction of speciality produce and exotic fruit and vegetables to the local market. Ronan Burke, Niall's brother, joined the company in 2010. After identifying a niche in the market in 2012, Ronan purchased land and began growing his own speciality produce for Burkes Fruit & Veg, taking the company in a new direction and ensuring its longevity and diversity. TheFruitBrothers.ie is allowing Galway businesses to order fruit boxes with 45 pieces of fruit for €20, or fruit along with grapes and/or or berries, including blueberries, for €25. These boxes will be available for delivery to workplaces throughout Galway. The speciality fruit boxes will be biodegradable and fully recyclable. As well as having the best of fruit loaded with nutrients and goodness, each box will explain the seasonality of fruits and which months the various fruits are ripe and best to eat.

“We want to help people to eat better, and instead of reaching for sugary or salty snacks to have the option of eating natural unprocessed fruits," Niall Burke said. "It is important we encourage people to eat better and make it as accessible as possible. That 3pm slump is now famous for people drinking sugary drinks or eating one too many biscuits. We thought if we can get fruit into where people are, then we can at least give them a choice.”

Ronan Burke added: “We want to also explain why and where certain fruits are grown and what they are good for, all delivered into your office in a box that will be fully recycled, so we are doing the right things by our bodies and by the environment.”

Since it began operating more than 40 years ago, Burke’s Fruit & Veg has expanded to include a team of more than 10 employees and has diversified into many new areas of the fruit and vegetable arena. Most important to the Burke family however is that this has been achieved without compromising on the company’s original principles of continuously striving to source high quality, fresh, local produce, maintaining long lasting customer relationships, and creating employment in the local community.

To order your fruit box visit www.thefruitbrothers.ie and get fruity on Instagram and Facebook with The Fruit Brothers.


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