Home improvement projects to tackle this summer

If you are looking to give your home that upgrade you have always wanted, now is the time to do it.

Why wait until the cold winter months when there will be freezing cold winds and overcast skies hampering your efforts? Advertiser.ie has some suggestions that you can take on with the sun at your back.

Painting your house

The first port of call when improving your home should be a fresh coat of paint. Outdoor painting can be done in more comfort during the summer when there is less chance of rain. When you are painting inside you can keep the windows open for good ventilation and let the paint dry. If you think the job is too big for you, there are plenty of painting contractors available that you can contact.

Install energy efficient windows

Air conditioning during the summer can drive up electricity costs, so installing energy efficient windows can be a good way to save some money. This is best done near the end of summer, so when the cold weather bites you will be prepared with windows that help keep the heat in and let sunlight through effectively.


With energy efficient windows installed having a well insulated home can benefit a home in many ways. The obvious gain is that you will enjoy a warmer winter but your back pocket will be happy too as the new insulation will also help you with lowering utility bills significantly over a period of time.

Clear out debris from gutters

With Galway experiencing so much rainfall this spring, our gutters would have been working overtime. With the weather (a bit ) dryer, now is the chance to remove any blockages. Blocked drains and gutters can lead to water damage, leaks, and mould growth, something you do not want to see in the depths of winter.

Spruce up your backyard

Improve your outdoor living experience by planting flowers and adding features to your garden. Warm weather is undoubtedly the best time to plant flowers, when they can acclimatise to their new home. The ground is easier to dig during the summer, so it will be easier to install fountains and irrigation systems.

A new patio

And what good is it having a beautiful garden without somewhere you can lounge? A patio with comfortable garden furniture will allow you to enjoy those long summer and, fingers crossed, sun-soaked evenings.

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