Form Fitness — workout in a warm and friendly environment

Form Fitness is a personal training and group training studio which opened its doors in Cregmore near Claregalway earlier this year.

“I set up the studio as fitness has been my passion for a long time and I wanted to share the experience with people in my area”, says owner and personal trainer Niamh Kelly Donnellan. So far the uptake as been great and people are delighted to have the facility in their locality.

There is a lot of confusing information put out there by the fitness industry, the aim at Form Fitness is to make life easy for clients by simplifying what they need to do to get fit, healthy and ultimately lose weight.

"My personal goal is to get my clients enjoying exercise and for it to be something they look forward to as opposed to dreading each session.

"Form Fitness is about creating a warm and friendly environment to workout in. The atmosphere is inclusive and inviting. Some people are intimidated by big gyms and need guidance along the way on their fitness journey and that’s what we are offering at Form Fitness," she said.

People come to Form Fitness for a stress release, workout and a chat. Members always leave every session with a smile after giving the workout their all. The icing on the cake is that each and every person that puts the effort in sees results such as toning up, losing weight and getting fitter.

To speak to us today contact [email protected] or 087-1789763


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