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It has been more than a year since independent Cambridge Weight Plan consultant Vivienne Cummings opened the doors to her counselling and weight loss clinic, EirLite. Since then, she has served clients in Galway and Mayo and is now expanding the EirLite team.

Vivienne Cummings supports clients on their weight loss journey as they follow the steps of the Cambridge Weight Plan (CWP ), changing the face of weight loss, with amazing results. For example, one of her clients - Connemara man Kieran Faherty - has followed CWP with Vivienne’s support to lose nearly six stone since the turn of the year.

“As recently as January 12 2018, I weighed more than 19 stones," Mr Faherty said. "It’s very daunting when you have so much weight to lose. I found that the diets I tried before don’t get you into the right mindset or routine. I needed support to follow a plan that would really work.

"I started my weight loss journey with my CWP consultant, Vivienne, that day. It wasn’t long before the weight was falling off. By day three my hunger disappeared; as the plan continued, I felt a sense of wellbeing and had more energy than ever. In the first three months on the plan I lost 80 pounds. Now, I feel like a new man.

"I could never have achieved this on any other plan and without Vivienne’s support and encouragement. She explained the plan to me and helped me every step of the way. Vivienne was there with advice and motivational texts and was always on the end of the phone if I needed support.

"The simple, effective, steps of CWP made my weight loss easy. I found the plan quick and easy to follow and very reasonably priced. I was saving money because I no longer had to buy food and I was saving time because I no longer had to cook it.

"CWP products are tasty and nutritious. I was getting all my vitamins and minerals and I loved that everything was already measured out for me, so I didn’t have to think about weighing things and messing around. Another great thing about the plan is that it’s very flexible. I could still enjoy social events by moving to another step on the plan that includes conventional food.

"I’d recommend the plan to anyone who wants to lose weight quickly and keep it off.”

Vivienne Cummings is the founder of EirLite counselling and weight loss clinic. She said: “The success of Cambridge Weight Plan speaks for itself. It’s a specialised, doctor-designed, plan that has been changing lives in the UK and beyond for more than 30 years. After losing weight on CWP myself, I know how well the plan works. Now, it’s going from strength to strength in Ireland.

"As an independent Cambridge Weight Plan consultant, I provide one-to-one support to clients as they use CWP products and follow the CWP steps.

"At EirLite, we know how to tailor CWP to fit with our clients’ lifestyles. For example, there are options to suit people on the go and busy mums. CWP’s maintenance steps help us to teach our clients how to keep the weight off for good.

"CWP offers a variety of nutritionally-balanced programmes ranging from 450kcal to 1,500-plus kcal per day. Each incorporates at least one of CWP’s delicious low-calorie diet products. CWP products are packed with vitamins and minerals. They include soups, smoothies, meals, flavoured shakes, and chocolate bars. With over 40 products to choose from, you won’t get bored.

"The growth of the business confirms to me that Cambridge Weight Plan has been fully accepted as the go-to weight plan. It’s an exciting time for CWP and EirLite.”

Vivienne Cummings is a qualified counsellor and certified CBT practitioner, with a background as a registered manager in the social care industry. She founded the EirLite counselling and weight loss clinic in 2017. Vivienne Cummings and her husband live in Connemara.

For more information call 091 707975 or 087 7717935 or email [email protected].


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