ConTempo and Finbar 247 to go Painting By Music

Create a work of art while you listen to the music



CLASSICAL QUARTET ConTempo and street artist Finbar 247 will host a most unusual event, one which mixes music concert and art exhibition, and above all where the audience will become the artists.

Painting By Music takes place in the Nuns Island Theatre on Thursday May 31 at 7pm. During this silent event, the audience will respond to the music ConTempo performs, working in simple ways to create a visual representation of their collective experience as an audience. The focus will be on the process rather than the final result.

This is a standing, adult-only, participatory event. Some seating outside the theatre will be provided for those requiring a rest. Participants will be asked to remove their shoes and remain silent for the duration of the experience. Tickets cost €12/7 via and at the door (limited availability ). Spaces are limited so early booking is advised.


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