Waveriders to get preview screening in Galway

WAVERIDERS, a new Irish film telling the untold story of surfing pioneers all linked to Ireland, will be released on April 3.

However Galway audiences will be among the first to see the film as there will be a preview screening in The Eye on Tuesday with a Q&A afterwards with two of the surfers featured in the film - Richard Fitzgerald and Gabe Davies.

Narrated by Cillian Murphy, the film tells the previously untold story of the unlikely Irish roots of surfing and today’s pioneers of Irish big wave surfing.

It begins with Irish-Hawaiian waterman, George Freeth, who was responsible for the rebirth of the sport in the early 20th century. The film reaches a spectacular climax when the surfers conquer the biggest swell ever to have been ridden in Ireland by catching monster waves of more than 50 feet.

Waveriders recently won the IFTA for best documentary and it won the audience award at the Dublin Film Festival last year.


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