Cinema Review - Paul Blart: Mall Cop

An overweight, sugar dependent, and over-dutiful mall cop who suddenly comes face to face with actual criminals might seem like the formula for a really good comedy but Paul Blart: Mall Cop just falls a little short as there are just not enough chuckles.

Kevin James of The King of Queens fame steps quite easily into the lead role of Paul Blart who is a mild-mannered, ever-so-nice, dedicated family man who works as a security guard at the local mall. This is not the job he wished for. He longed to be a New Jersey state trooper but failed at the final hurdle at training because of his big frame and hypoglyceamia, which basically means he can pass out at the most awkward times; this is a recurring problem throughout the film and provides some of the funniest moments. His hunt for sugar makes him resort even to eating a lollipop that has been long lost under a desk and is covered in all kinds of crud.

Although he has failed to realise his dream job Blart takes his role of security guard very seriously, almost too seriously. However this dedication does pay off when one day a gang of organised criminals infiltrate the mall and take hostages which include the romantic interest Amy (Jayma Mays ). Blart, who is doing battle on Guitar Hero in a game arcade, is blissfully unaware of the chaos that surrounds him and becomes trapped inside. However, once he realises what is happening his unrelenting sense of duty and would-be cop skills kick into full action. He becomes the police department’s eyes and ears on the inside and takes out the bad guys one by one using quite unconventional methods.

The film, which seems to be a sort of spoof of the Die Hard films (there are definitely certain scenes which will remind you of a very bad and overweight Bruce Willis ), is not the worst comedy I’ve ever seen and you will certainly like the main character, who proves that even the average Joe can be a hero. It just needed a bit more to be a great comedy.

Verdict: 2.5/5


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