Engineer, entrepreneur, and futurist Nell Watson to speak at AtlanTec 2018

The Information Technology Association Galway (ITAG ) is getting ready to welcome Nell Watson as one of the speakers at this year’s AtlanTec conference, which will focus on The Art of AI and Machine Learning.

From teaching computer science at 24 to co-founding a successful graffiti arts company, Nell Watson has an art for bridging the gap between humanities and tech. A dynamo with a philosophical edge, her ability to easily traverse, understand, and innovate within these two worlds is apparent throughout her impressive portfolio of work.

She is currently senior advisor to The Future Society at Harvard, co-founder of, and has written two books on philosophy. She has also developed Founder Life, a start-up simulator that aims to support entrepreneurs by teaching them necessary skills such as mindfulness that will allow them to perform consistently in a highly pressurised environment.

She lectures on machine intelligence, AI philosophy, human-machine relations and the future of human society globally, and serves as associate faculty of AI and robotics at Singularity University. This is one speaker you will not want to miss.

Tickets for AtlanTec can be purchased on or by emailing [email protected]. Follow AtlanTec on social media to stay up to date.


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