Corrandulla pharmacist finalist in national awards

Corrandulla pharmacist Justin O’Connell has been nominated for a prestigious national award, which could yet see him crowned Pharmaton People’s Pharmacist of the Year 2018.

Pharmacists are increasingly the first point of call for the public on health issues and are often consulted before GPs or hospitals. Many pharmacists now offer more services such as delivery services, blood pressure, and cholesterol testing and trusted medical advice free of charge.

The Irish Pharmacy Awards provide a unique platform from which to reward and distinguish the important role pharmacists play in the medical community.Each finalist was nominated for the award by their local community for their continued excellence of service throughout the years.

Based in O’Connell’s Pharmacy, Corradulla, Co Galway, Justin received multiple nominations from his community and has made it through to the final stage. Justin has been described as the heart of the community and a friend to many.

According to his customers, Justin already is the winner in their eyes. Customer Lisa Chalfa says that Justin has literally been a lifesaver for her in the last year.

“I had major surgery last August and was discharged with an open wound. I had nursing help, but it was Justin who organised antibiotics for me very quickly – without them I would certainly have ended up back in hospital again.

“Last year I also had my first case of anaphylactic shock and again Justin was at hand. Instead of just handing me a prescription he sat with me in the consulting room and trained me so I would know how to use it in an emergency. O’Connell’s is just a small pharmacy in a small village but Justin really elevates the service they provide.

“He always chats to his customers and makes sure they understand what they’re taking and why,” she said.

The winner will be announced at the Irish Pharmacy Awards 2018 in Dublin. The awards recognise and reward excellence, dedication and ongoing innovation in the Irish community pharmacy sector. You can vote for your community pharmacist by by liking and sharing their picture on Facebook. Closing date is tomorrow.


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