You may need a new mattress

You cannot beat a good night’s sleep – it leaves you feeling fit and happy, and thinking sharply. The foundation of good sleep is a comfortable bed and the right mattress, but mattresses don’t last forever. Even if it looks OK, your mattress may not be giving you the support or comfort you need for a good night’s sleep.

Cash Factory Furniture is Galway’s one-stop shop for all your mattress, bed, and bedroom furniture needs. Located in Riverside Commercial Estate on the Tuam Road, it stocks new and pre-owned furniture, and is definitely worth a visit.

The life span of a mattress is affected by several factors such as the quality, care, and level of use, so you may need an upgrade if you answer yes to any of these questions:

Have you had your mattress more than seven years?

Do you wake up with stiffness and/or aches and pains?

Are you sleeping as well as you did a year ago?

Have you had a better night’s sleep in a bed other than yours?

Does your mattress show signs of visible wear and tear (it sags, is lumpy, etc )?

If you answered yes, then Cash Factory is the place to go for the best price and quality guaranteed. It stocks a huge range of mattresses, from budget beating specials to ultra-luxurious mattresses. And with beds, lockers, wardrobes, and chests available you will find everything you need for a full bedroom makeover. Deposits are welcome and Cash Factory also provides nationwide delivery through its website with lots of items delivered free.

Cash Factory on the Tuam Road is open from Monday to Saturday from 9am to 6pm, Sunday 2pm to 6pm, and is open through lunch. For more information call 091 760 750 or like Cash Factory on Facebook.


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