Natural fertility with Health and Harmony

When you visualise your perfect family, the primary focus of that picture is a healthy child or children. Although it may sound obvious, many do not realise that the foundations for a healthy baby are laid many months prior to conception. A healthy egg, top quality sperm, and a luscious womb lining are all essentials for pregnancy – and guaranteeing you have all three lies in the work you do in the months beforehand to maximise your health. Nutrition, lifestyle, and stress levels all play a part in ensuring a healthy pregnancy and the ultimate dream of a healthy baby.

Sometimes taking the natural route can lead you on the greatest journey. Denise Christie of Health and Harmony Loughrea is an experienced holistic medicine practitioner. She works with couples who either want to follow a completely natural route to a happy and healthy pregnancy, or who have experienced problems and want help to overcome those blocks, and she also works to support couples through IVF and assisted fertility.

Where a couple are struggling to conceive, she helps them find a faster, healthier, more holistic and loving path to the children they yearn for. She guides her clients through her programme and her statistics speak for themselves — 38 babies born and five pregnancy announcements since Christmas.

Denise Christie studied holistic medicine in Canterbury, Kent, qualifying in 2001, and has since qualified in acupuncture and has a diploma in teaching. She trained with Clare Blake of Fertility Massage UK and Jani White of Naturechild in specialist fertility based treatments, and is also a female wellness coach.

For further details call Denise Christie on 087 9675063 for a free telephone consultation. Visit Health and Harmony’s website on or see her Facebook page at


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