Celebrating twenty five years at Plexus Bio Energy

Plexus Bio Energy is this month celebrating 25 years of providing specialist treatments for a variety of different conditions from its base in Galway city.

Following the teachings and traditions of Michael O'Doherty and Tom Griffin, the founders of the Plexus system, Michael O'Gara and Tina Forkan set up their branch in 1993, making this alternative form of health treatment accessible to the people of the west of Ireland.

At Plexus Bio Energy, O'Gara and Forkan work with a person's life energy field, or aura, and are specially trained in being able to feel this electromagnetic field through a series of specific hand movements, scanning the energy field and detecting any disturbances or blockages whether they are physical, spiritual, or emotional.

The team at Plexus love working with people, that is one of the main passions they have for their line of work.

It is more than a job, it is a way of life that is spurred on by their interest in helping people to overcome their health problems.

"With each session you will notice things changing, you will notice yourself feeling better," said Tina Forkan. "I find it is often like climbing a ladder back to health, we let people find their own way. Some people come in with no control over their health and they leave with a new respect for their health and with a better knowledge of how to take care of themselves."

The Plexus system can treat people of all ages through special four day sessions, and the therapists at Plexus find that children and pregnant women particularly benefit from bio-energy treatment. In the case of pregnancies, Plexus therapists have seen great success in terms of physical and emotional problems such as morning sickness, tiredness and fatigue, high blood pressure, back problems, stress and anxiety, and toxemia in first time pregnancies. It also helps women with infertility in helping their stress levels and anxiety.

In treating babies and small children, the Plexus system can help many ailments such as colic, acid reflux, bowel problems, low immunity, dyslexia, ADHD, and autism. "It is like the electrical system of a house where it has short circuited or broken down; we can feel it and help it repair itself," Ms Forkan said. "We can look at the whole blueprint of the body and determine whether it is physical or emotional problems that is dragging your health and wellbeing down."

The Plexus Bio Energy treatment centre in Galway is based at Lismoyle House, Merchants Road. For more information or to make an appointment contact Tina Forkan and Michael O'Gara of Plexus Bio Energy on 091 568855 or 087 2810055, email [email protected], or see www.plexusbioenergygalway.com


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