A lunchtime Beethoven concert

ConTempo to play composer's String Quartet Op 131



THAT MONTY Python sketch, with John Cleese as Beethoven, all roars, shouts, irascible temper, and prone to shooting things, may have been closer to the truth than we realise.

Little wonder then a series of concerts of Beethoven's music, taking place in Galway and performed by the ConTempo Quartet, is entitled Rage & Mystery. The next show in this series is on Tuesday May 1 in St Nicholas’ Collegiate Church, from 1.10pm to 1.50pm.

ConTempo Quartet will perform the String Quartet Op 131. Completed in 1826, it is reportedly Beethoven’s favourite of his late quartets. He dedicated the piece to Baron Joseph von Stutterheim as a gesture of thanks for taking Beethoven’s nephew, Karl, into the army. Admission is free. Early arrival is recommended.


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