Are you living with pain or injury?

Midlands Physical Therapy is a clinic that specialises in helping people who are aged between 35 and 65 to keep active and move freely, without the need for painkillers. They have a clinic in Moate and recently set up a clinic in Monksland, Athlone. The clinic is run by Derek Stenson who specialises in treating people aged 35-65 who have been in pain for longer than 10 days and are frustrated with the injury or the pain they are suffering.

Midlands Physical Therapy don’t just focus on getting people out of pain; they focus on getting the person back doing the things that they love, or need to be able to do. This could be playing a round of golf without your shoulder hurting you, lifting your child in and out of your car without your back hurting you, or being able to lift heavy boxes at work without your back giving way. The aim is to take away the worry of hurting yourself.

The clinic recently published a free report titled 7 Simple Ways To Ease Back Pain, which can be downloaded at It is also available by calling the clinic on (089 ) 2102586.

Midlands Physical Therapy also offer free discovery visits for anyone who is worried about their pain or unsure and nervous about going to see a physical therapist. To find out more call the clinic on (089 ) 2102586 or email [email protected].


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