Tailor-make a fitness regime to suit you with Sásta Athlone

Are you tired of going to the gym, putting in the hours, but seeing little in the way of results? If so, then a visit to Sásta Athlone is an absolute must for you.

The great thing about Sásta is that every last detail of your fitness programme is specifically designed with your individual needs and goals in mind.The team at Sasta tailor-make fitness programmes to the requirements of every individual that walks through their door.

Begin your journey with a free trial where an experienced instructor will sit down with you to discuss your goals and gauge your level of fitness. Your very own personal trainer will conduct a body composition analysis which gives a breakdown of what your body is made up of - fat, muscle, water, bone - and even tells you what age your body is working at. This allows your trainer a better idea of what regime best suits your needs, and it allows you an insight on an ongoing basis on the progress you are making.

The team as Sásta will also design a low GL meal plan to suit your individual aims - there is no sign of gimmick shakes or the latest fad diet here, just a variety of delicious and healthy meal suggestions and recipes, meaning you do not have to sacrifice good eating on your road to a new you. As a result, Sasta truly offers its clients the all-round fitness and health experience that produces real results.

So, whether you are trying to shed those few extra pounds, improve your all-round fitness, give your sporting performance that extra push, or completely overhaul your lifestyle, Sásta can provide you with all the ingredients necessary in a friendly, supportive, and non-intimidating environment.

Sásta’s state-of-the-art fitness and weight loss studio in Golden Island offers everything you will need in your journey: the Sásta fitness pod will aid with fat burning and with toning; the body sculpting training programme is designed to tone and shape your body; one-to-one training instruction from Sásta’s fitness experts will ensure you remain motivated each and every step of the way.

Owner of Sásta Athlone, Noel McTiernan, says: “The team here at Sásta are on hand to help you achieve your goals, whether your focus is on health, fitness, or weight loss, or you want to tone up for that special occasion.”

Make a positive change in your life today by calling Sásta Athlone on (090 ) 6450005 of find Sásta on Facebook.


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