Create a warm and inviting home

If you are sick of sitting at home staring at the same four walls in search of a little inspiration, why not get to work creating a warm and inviting home?

While it may seem simple to pick out a few beautiful looking pieces of furniture or apparel, it is a different story when it comes to finding things that work together to suit a particular home or room. One key piece of advice is to always be mindful of the right proportion and scale. Be aware of how the pieces in your room relate to the size of the room they are in as well as how they relate to each other in terms of size.

It is not as difficult as it might sound. Most people probably realise that placing a huge TV set in a tiny room will not necessarily be the best solution. There is no excuse either for pairing a miniature coffee table with massive armchairs. It is all about paying attention and making conscious choices.

When you are creating that even ambience in the room, you are dealing with balance. Balance can be symmetrical or asymmetrical. An example of the former would be something that is displayed like a mirror image; let’s take a vase placed on top of your fireplace, right in the centre of it, and two identical candle holders situated on the right and left side of it.

The latter, asymmetrical balance could be demonstrated by two different cushions placed on either end of your sofa. Although the pillows represent different designs and colours, as long as they are of similar size and weight, they will balance each other out. Also, if you want to keep a good balance and have quite a few heavy objects you want to place in the room, place them around the room rather than grouped together in one spot.

Contrast should also feature in your interior decorating adventure. Provided that the items in your room maintain the same style, it is more than all right for them to vary in colour, pattern or size. It will definitely bring contrast to the place and contrast, when properly utilised, means an attractive, fascinating interior to both you and your visitors.

Remember that keeping everything in exactly the same design and colour won’t guarantee you a stylish dwelling, but will only result in a dull, uninspiring interior. While it is a good idea to introduce contrast in order to avoid monotony in your house, it’s just as good to create a repetitive pattern to achieve rhythm. Try to arrange items in the same colour, which differ in size or pattern, or are of the same size but differ in colour. Once again, it is all about the right balance.

If you have all the above features in your house, you can just sit down and wait until others come over and admire the great job you did!


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