College campus essentials from Russell Hobbs

With the first few weeks of college firmly under their belts, many first-time students are enjoying their first foray into independent living. Settling into college life can be daunting; however Russell Hobbs have the essential kitchen appliances to make life a whole lot simpler for you and your housemates. Check out the following student-friendly appliances:

Darwin kettle: Every college house needs a kettle for the endless ‘cuppas’ after the big nights out. With a 1.7 litre capacity jug, it’s big enough to make up to six cups and has a perfect pour spout to prevent boiled water spilling or splashing. Also available in cream.

17-litre red microwave: Microwaves are the heart of every student’s kitchen and are used to prepare lots of quick and easy meals. This 17-litre microwave has five power levels, and features a 30-minute timer with a large dial display. It also has a stylish mirror door that will come in handy for a last-minute glance as you’re heading out!

Sandwich maker: Many student meals consist of ingredients that are quick and easy to make, and this versatile sandwich maker has three different functions guaranteed to be useful to students. It can be used flat for a panini or sandwich press, angled for a lean grill cooking, ideal for grilling chicken breasts, or open at 180 degrees for an open griddle, ideal for a healthy grill in the mornings. The non-stick coated plates are easy to clean too.

Darwin toaster: This slick two-slice toaster from Russell Hobbs comes in handy on those days when dinner consists of beans and toast. It has extra-wide slots, ideal for toasting a whole host of student favourites from crumpets to bagels, while the removable crumb-trays help keep your kitchen surface mess-free.

Russell Hobbs products are available from independent electrical retailers.


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