HiddenMind by Tom Griffin

The HiddenMind programme is a method of healing developed by Tom Griffin which combines bio-energy and the power of the subconscious mind to detect and heal the underlying energetic causes of symptoms and diseases.

Bio-energy treatments consist of a series of hand techniques that balance the life force energy in and around the human body. These techniques balance the meridians, chakras and auric fields. Energy should be in a continuous state of flux or flow for a healthy state of being. When this becomes blocked, stagnant, or imbalanced due to life’s traumas and tribulations, it can negatively impact on the wellbeing of a person on a physical and non-physical level.

The treatment involves techniques that either release, provoke, accumulate or/and balance the energy in the body. Touch therapy techniques on the head, heart, spine and feet have a therapeutic effect also.

The HiddenMind investigative and corrective sound programme recruits the power of the subconscious mind to identify the hidden energetic causes of diseases and is very effective in helping people recover from depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, spinal problems, arthritis, migranes, asthma, digestive problems and many more.

HiddenMind is a complementary therapy and does not advise clients to discontinue medically prescribed treatments or medications. The HiddenMind training programme in bio-energy and the investigative and corrective sound protocol are presently commencing in the Shearwater Hotel in Ballinasloe. 

For information contact (087 ) 3446129 or visit www.hiddenmind.ie. A new book, HiddenMind: A Journey of Reconnection, by Tom Griffin and Dr Nuala Bent is available on Amazon. For hard copies contact (094 ) 9371224 or (087 ) 6785001.


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