Sinead’s Saturday Slimming World

Local Slimming World consultant, Sinead Morris, is feeling on top of the world after winning Sapphire, Ruby, and Diamond awards this year for her work in helping people to slim down and improve their health.  

The accolades see Ms Morris, who herself lost 3stone 3lbs with Slimming World, become a Sapphire and Diamond Consultant. Now Sinead, who runs the Shamrock Lodge Slimming World Group every Tuesday, plans to bring a Saturday group to Athlone.

“I’m thrilled to be able to offer a Saturday group in Athlone,” Ms Morris says. “There are so many people that, because of work or family commitments, can’t get to a weekday group. Now they have an option. Two-thirds of the Irish population are overweight. Their health is at risk, and sadly so many children are struggling with their weigh too.

“Often people have tried losing weight, either on their own or following other diets, and failed. However, they did not fail, it was the programme that failed them, either because the diet was too restrictive and impossible to sustain for more than a few weeks, or because the support wasn’t there. This leaves people thinking that they will never succeed with any diet, but at Slimming World they really can take control of their weight once and for all.”

“Slimming World’s Food Optimising plan isn’t a diet, it’s too generous to be called a diet,” Ms Morris says. “It helps people make small easy changes to the way they shop, cook, and eat so that they make healthier choices and lose weight without ever going hungry or feeling like they are missing out. The best part is we can enjoy our favourites, like curries, chips, pasta dishes, and Sunday roasts.

“I truly believe I have the best, most rewarding job in the world. After all, there is no better feeling than helping someone to achieve their dream weight and feel good about themselves. Winning these awards has been the icing on the cake.”

If you would like to shine like Diamond Consultant Sinead and her Slimming World members, call into the Shamrock Lodge Group which meets every Tuesday at 5.30pm and 7.30pm. Alternatively, drop by the new Saturday group which launches on October 17 in Garrycastle GAA Club at 10am.

Check out Sinead Morris’s Facebook page under ‘Sinead’s Slimming World Athlone’ or call Sinead on (087 ) 6820759. And as an added incentive, there is a voucher in the current issue of Reveal magazine that means you pay just €9 for your first week.


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