Discover self-healing at Amber

Amber stays true to its motto of ‘Definitely something different’, providing customers not only with the self-healing and meditation tools such as singing bowls, crystals, and salt lamps, but also offering expert advice.

With all the stresses of modern living it is little wonder that more and more people are turning to alternative methods of self-healing, seeking to become more in tune with their spirituality, cleanse their environments, or calm the mind with meditation. But first, they need the tools and the knowledge to make this lifestyle change, and Amber, located at 18 Mary Street, Galway, is the place to start, as it not only stocks everything that is needed but it also is very relaxing, a place where you can ask for advice.

Amber stores want customers to go in, take a look around, ask questions, and ultimately enjoy the lovely energy that is there. “Over recent years there have been more and more people coming in looking for self-healing, to keep their moods and energy levels up, and for meditation,” said Jessica Forde, manager of Amber Galway. “It’s not simply about just going to the GP now, it’s about knowing our body, our chi, and chakras.

“Our bodies are temples and there are so many natural remedies out there that people want to explore. We carry Himalayan salt lamps, which have such a vast amount of health properties from promoting general wellbeing, to boosting serotonin levels, to helping ease asthma, to name just a few, and one of the largest selections of crystals in the west of Ireland.

“We encourage people to ask for advice on how to use the different tools, and we find more and more people are very open to these type of lifestyle changes, looking for alternative ways for the soul, body, and mind. The staff here are very helpful and knowledgeable, with expertise in different areas.”

To find out more call into Amber at 18 Mary Street, Galway, phone (091 ) 567810 or visit

Soul Circle with Gentle Warrior takes place every Monday from 6.45pm to 8.15pm, and mindfulness meditation with Margaret Curran every Wednesday from 6.45pm to 8.15pm. On Saturday, October 17, a womb blessing workshop will take place with Gentle Warrior, and on Tuesday, October 20, animal therapy, how to communicate with your pet, takes place from 6.45pm to 9pm. Contact Amber to book your slot.


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