Totalhealth pharmacy brand comes to Athlone

Concannon’s Totalhealth Pharmacy, Mardyke Street, Athlone, is opening a second pharmacy in the new Athlone SuperValu development on the Ballymahon Road.

Michelle Concannon is excited to be availing of the opportunity to expand at this time and also to be opening the first Totalhealth Pharmacy in Athlone. Speaking about the upcoming opening, Michelle says: “The move seemed perfect to me. The Ballymahon Road area of Athlone is expanding and is already lacking a retail focus. The decision by Croughan’s SuperValu to invest in this development had a very important part to play in my decision making.

“Totalhealth Pharmacy and SuperValu have similar values: local families running businesses in their communities, so the match was a good one for me. The Totalhealth Pharmacy brand is focussed on trust, local, and care, and this fits in well with my vision of how a pharmacy should serve the people in the community.” Michelle is very busy right now also adopting the Totalhealth branding in her first pharmacy, Concannon’s Pharmacy in Mardyke Street. Both pharmacies will be known as Concannon’s Totalhealth Pharmacy.

Speaking on what the Totalhealth brand will mean for her pharmacies in Athlone, Ms Concannon said: “Our branding to incorporate the Totalhealth name means that we are now truly part of something bigger that will be better for the pharmacy, better for the customer, and better for the community. The move will enable us to meet the growing healthcare needs of our customers, while retaining our core values of a personalised and confidential service based around trusted, local, care.

“At Concannon’s Totalhealth Pharmacy we are always striving to evolve our product range so we can deliver what the customer is looking for and introduce new products that can make a difference. Our store will have a comprehensive portfolio of retail and professional pharmacy products and services that cater for our customers’ needs including a number of health-check screening services. We are very excited to be part of the Totalhealth family and the new generation of pharmacies delivering direct services in the support of primary healthcare.”



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