Stunning Celtic art to grace Atrium 

The Mirror and the Maze is the title of a new exhibition of original paintings and designs by Celtic artist Mike Terrett. The show includes past work as well as new designs completed over the past two years. Mazes and labyrinths are reflected alongside intricate knots and spirals. Themes from myths and legends also appear. Featured is a stunning new painting called: ‘The Rose Labyrinth’.

A selection of working drawings and sketches help to give an insight into how this rich artistic language can be used today. Mike has been practising Celtic art and design for 20 years and has previously had work published in a book featuring Celtic artists working today.

The exhibition opens on Tuesday, September 15 and runs until Thursday, October 1. As part of Culture Night, September 18, Mike will be at the Atrium exhibition between 5-8pm for anyone wishing to know more about the creation of Celtic art.

For a taste of Mike’s amazing work, see


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