Sparkle this spring with Lazlo Jewellers

For any fine jewellery lover, April is the best month in the year. April’s birthstone is the diamond - the king of the gemstones, and at Lazlo Jewellers you can make sure you sparkle this April.

Lazlo Jewellers have been the diamond specialists in the west for over 40 years but the history of the diamond goes back further.

The ancient Hindus revered the diamond, calling it “vajra”, meaning lightning, as a testament to its superior strength and light-reflecting qualities. In Buddhist teachings, a diamond was said to pierce through the false perceptions of the world and reveal the mystical secrets behind it. In Greece, diamonds were known as “adamas” and were said to have been created when Zeus transformed a group of rebellious youths into stone.

Medieval royalty used diamonds to embellish revered objects such as crowns and swords, while doctors told patients to wear diamonds close to their hearts to help heal them. Soldiers wore diamonds into battle as a protective amulet.

The diamond is the hardest naturally-occurring mineral - four times harder than the next-hardest minerals. Diamonds are also set apart for their high refraction, intense fire, unusual brilliance, rarity, and durability.

Above all, the diamond symbolises everlasting love and loyalty. Diamonds are the most valuable and beautiful stone in the world and at Lazlo Jewellers, you can be sure that you’re getting the most beautiful and carefully chosen diamonds.

Lazlo Jewellers combine their ability to select the highest quality diamonds directly from the best diamond polishers around the world with an in-house design and manufacturing team second to none, all at an unbeatable price!

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