Get your balance back with Amatsu

Wishbone Japanese Physiotherapy is a new practice based in Mullingar offering the ancient Japanese therapy Amatsu.

Amatsu is a therapy that brings balance to your body, and is a modern interpretation of a Japanese therapy which originated more than 5,000 years ago. It is a holistic osteopathic therapy which involves a type of low-impact physiotherapy, using acupressure to get into the ligaments, tendons, and muscles to rebalance the body.

Therapist Robert McDermott is an experienced Amatsu Japanese therapist who has been practising Amatsu for the past seven years, and his clients include top sports professionals.

Robert currently works as a physiotherapist with Mullingar Rugby Club and is also involved with a couple of GAA teams assisting their main physiotherapist. Amatsu is ideal for sports and stress-related injuries.

“Amatsu encompasses every kind of injury - whether someone has taken a hit on the rugby pitch or put their back out reaching up to a high shelf,” explains Robert.

“It is all about balancing the body - it doesn’t matter if someone comes to me and their knee is hurting, I will start at the tip of their toes and move all the way to the top of their head.”

Wishbone Japanese Physiotherapy is offering half-price rates for appointments booked by May 1.

Phone Robert McDermott, certified Amatsu therapist, at (087 ) 7108500 or email [email protected].


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