Say goodbye to your spots and veins

Thanks to our lovely Irish weather our skin goes through a lot of wear and tear. Our skin, especially our cheeks and nose can easily get damaged from the hard wind, rain, and cold - of course forgetting to wear an SPF doesn’t help either.

But fear not, there’s an innovative treatment available from The Skincare and Beauty Clinic at Glasson Pharmacy.

VeinGogh gives you immediate and visible results, removing red spots and spider veins in seconds.

Using a hair-thin probe which is inserted into the vessel by a highly trained beautician, a tiny, regulated, high frequency current is delivered. To most it feels like a tiny pinch, depending on what area is being treated and skin sensitivity. Generally one treatment is needed, depending on the size of the area. Veins which have been properly treated will not return, however new veins may develop over time. So be sure to apply SPF and care for your skin, and get follow-up treatments if needed.

It’s amazing to see your veins go straight away, and anyone who has had red spots or veins, especially on their face, will appreciate the feeling of knowing the veins are gone.

Of course after-care is important, and the girls at Glasson Pharmacy will go through this with you. It does take a week or more for the area to fully heal, so ideally get this treatment done at a time when you don’t need to have your picture taken or have a big event in the days following. But once it has healed you’ll feel like a new person.

For more information or a consultation call The Skincare and Beauty Clinic at Glasson Pharmacy on (090 ) 6485959.


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