Reward your healthy lifestyle

Keeping healthy is hard work. Every day comes with its own challenges - avoiding birthday cake in work, motivating yourself to go for that run, cravings, and tiredness can all get in the way.

Anyone who has worked hard to lose weight will appreciate how difficult and frustrating it can be to lose the last few pounds. On top of that, toning certain problem areas is always a struggle and you can never guarantee that exercise will banish flab from that one area you want it to.

Fitness experts will always tell their clients to work hard - but that no exercise is guaranteed to target a specific part of your body.

If you’re looking to lose some inches of fat from one specific area a new non-invasive fat-reducing product could be for you.

Therapie Clinic has brought Cooltec to Athlone - a body-fat reducing procedure that is ideal for anyone who leads a healthy lifestyle and just needs a little helping hand.

The procedure is pain-free, with minor discomfort - which quickly subsides - and takes about an hour.

The area of fat you want to reduce is measured, your weight is taken, and your consultant decides if you are a suitable candidate. This non-invasive procedure is for healthy people, with about a stone or a little more to lose. It is ideal for anyone with soft, squeezable fat, and relies on candidates maintaining a healthy lifestyle afterwards - there is no quick fix when it comes to weight loss.

Two suction cups are used to isolate your fat cells which will then be frozen before they shrink, break down, and then leave your body naturally. The process is carried out by trained professionals who will go through the procedure and aftercare with you. Most patients need two to three procedures, four to six weeks apart, to see long-lasting results. From your first fat-freezing therapy to seeing final results takes about three months, but a difference can be seen after just 15 days.

Reward your hard work and active lifestyle by sculpting and reducing stubborn fatty deposits.

Call Therapie today for a free consultation and to see if Cooltec is for you on (090 ) 6433606.


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