World famous healer now in Galway

The seventh son of the seventh son, Danny Gallagher, from Maghera, County Derry, according to ancient Celtic Lore, possesses the power to heal people by simply touching them.

When he was only eight years old, Danny said he had a vivid dream communicating his strange power over illness. However, despite his visionary dream, he didn’t make use of his faith healing powers for several years. Instead, after leaving school, he bought an ice-cream van. But the familiar chimes hadn’t rung long in his home town when he performed his first cure on a local crippled girl, for whom he always saved a free ice-cream.

The story of the cure was reported in his local newspaper, and Danny’s life soon became a metamorphosis. He obtained an immediate following among the local inhabitants where the tradition of, if not necessarily the belief in, the powers of the seventh son is deep-rooted through generations.

As people began to claim more cures, the media took notice, at first concentrating efforts on exposing him as a fraud, later supporting him with exclusive accounts. He eventually decided to take the boat to England but what he initially intended to be a tour came to an abrupt halt in the industrial heartland because of the demand for his services.

One cure in the Midlands of England did more to enhance Danny’s reputation than any cure before or since. This was the cure of Jean Pritchett, a 40-year-old housewife who had been blind for 22 years from what was diagnosed as ‘retinitis pigmentosa’. Despite visiting specialists all over the UK, she couldn’t find help. Her cure caused an immediate sensation and attracted front-page headlines in October 1976. The medical profession, however, was immediately critical.

One specialist expressed the opinion that Mrs Pritchett had suffered from a case of hysterical blindness which was brought on by auto-suggestion.

The Pritchett ‘miracle’ was followed a month later by Danny’s equally remarkable cure of Kathleen Bailey from the village of Dawley, near Shrewsbury, England. Mrs Bailey, a 29-year-old mother of three, had been confined to a wheelchair with degeneration after spinal injury at work 11 years before. The condition did not respond to medical treatment and grew progressively worse. Friends and relatives persuaded her to visit Danny at his clinic in Erdington, Birmingham.

After treatment by the Derry healer, she was able to leave her wheelchair and walk. Since then, Danny has travelled Ireland, the UK and large parts of the world curing people with various ailments such as arthritis, eczema, anorexia, and depression.

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