Nourish your hair and look good

The most common problem with hair is condition. If the condition of the hair is poor it will lead to a variety of problems such as split ends, colour fading, and lack of lustre and shine. The remedy for this first begins with the shampoo and conditioning products you use. It is most important that the product is designed for the hair type you have such as fine, thinning, dry/brittle, greasy, normal, coloured, or chemically damaged.

When asked about their choice of shampoo and conditioner some women say that they use whatever shampoo is in the shower at the time, which is not a good step. It is worthwhile investing in a good quality shampoo. Like building blocks of a house, shampoo is the building blocks of keeping the hair in condition. The next step is to feed the hair with a conditioning treatment - either a protein or moisture product depending on what is required for the hair type. It is useless loading the hair with a moisturising treatment if what it needs is a protein treatment.

To avoid split ends it is advisable to have a regular treatment and haircut. Split ends do not disappear; the hair just continues to split up along the hair shaft. You should NEVER brush wet hair as this is a sure way to tear the hair shaft, as hair stretches when wet.

When drying the hair avoid using harsh nylon brushes. Buy good quality combs and brushes. Use straighteners, tongs, and heated rollers only when absolutely necessary. On long hair use a finishing product that seals down the cuticle layer of the hair which will protect it from humidity and static also. Well-conditioned hair is always beautiful and in fashion. MOHH recommends a JOICO prescriptive shampoo and conditioner to suit your hair, just drop in for a free consultation.


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