Five easy hacks that will make every workout more exciting

Eoin Everard

Achieving your fitness objectives requires consistency, but it can be difficult to keep motivated at times. It is time to spice up your workout when the monotony creeps in.

Making simple changes to your workout environment and shifting your mindset can not only increase your motivation for exercise but also may impact your performance.

Here are five ways you may tailor your workouts to keep yourself motivated, dedicated, and enthusiastic about your training programme.

1. Amplify the volume

Research demonstrates that using music during your workout is one of the simplest strategies to increase participation. The effect of music on the calibre of a workout has been discussed in numerous review publications. According to studies, listening to music you like while exercising can keep you motivated even when the reps get harder. In contrast, listening to music you detest may make you give up. Additionally, have the music ready to go when you begin your workout so that you are not diverted when looking for a playlist during a break.

2. Agree with positives

Exercise is known to improve mood, but believing that exercise improves mood can help you feel even better after exercising. You will feel better simply because you believe that attending a training session would make you feel better.

The certainty that your workout will be effective for you also makes you more motivated. Belief in what your workout accomplishes for you can influence how frequently you do it, how hard you work at it, and possibly the "bang for your buck" in long-term adaptations. To access the superpowers of believing, concentrate on the importance of each exercise and the reason you are moving in the first place.

3. The right environment

Start your day well with a good workout to set the tone for the rest of your day. Try setting up your training space so that it inspires you and takes your mind off other responsibilities before you perform your first rep.

Create a location that inspires you and makes you eager to work out, whether you like yours to be light and airy or dark and melancholy. This can be one of the keys to whether you will work out or not. Making exercise enjoyable and giving yourself space to concentrate in the present will keep you more motivated, produce better outcomes, and help you stick to your schedule.

4. Be intentional

There are two lenses in your attention: an outward lens and an inward lens. For instance, external focus is focusing on getting the weight or barbell from point A to point B as quickly as possible. An external focus makes the exercise feel easier and can increase overall strength and power, according to research.

Internal focus involves paying attention to how your body is moving while performing the exercise, such as concentrating on the biceps generating tension, focusing on the elbow bending. According to research, internal attention is beneficial when pursuing hypertrophy, or muscular growth, in your training regimen.

For a more effective workout, align your focus with your objectives. For instance, if you are squatting think about pressing your feet into the ground but if you are looking to build your glutes, think about squeezing your bum on each rep.

5. Exercise alongside others

One of the big benefits of our Pilates programme is that you are part of a group. You have to post when you have done your workout. So, while you might be doing it alone there is accountability. With our BackAware Belt it gives you instant feedback. According to research, the Hawthorne effect, where people behave differently when they are aware that they are being watched, occurs. A teacher might give a more impressive lesson while a student is watching, or workplace productivity might increase when a manager is there. When you know your form is being tracked by the BackAware Belt you may intentionally try to keep good form and get more from your workout.

The same is true with working out with friends. A run shared is a run halved. Try to meet up with someone to keep you accountable and it makes it more enjoyable.

I hope some of these tips give you something to think about. More importantly try put to one or two into action and see if they help.

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