SVP receiving 800 requests for assistance on a daily basis

Now entering its busiest two months of the year, the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul (SVP ) is receiving an average of 800 requests for help every day.

Launching this year’s SVP Annual Appeal entitled “Impossible Choices”, Rose McGowan, SVP National President, said that despite the additional cost-of-living support payments made by the Government, there are many people who are struggling to meet basic family expenses.

“Last year, there were a record-breaking 191,000 requests for help received at our national and regional offices. That figure looks likely to be exceeded this year, with 168,000 requests already received to the end of October, a 19% increase on the same time in 2021.

“The cost of living measures such as the one-off Fuel Allowance, double social welfare, child benefit and state pension payments, will help low-income households during what will be a very difficult winter, but these measures are only temporary. We are very worried that many of these families will continue to struggle into next year.

“In the coming months, the cost of living crisis will hit different households in different ways, particularly with the rising costs of food, energy and housing. Add in Christmas costs, and you can see how difficult life will be for those on fixed incomes, whether that income comes through the State or from low-paid employment.

“Those hardest hit will include one parent-families, low-income workers; households on fixed social welfare incomes; low-income households in rural areas; people with disabilities and their carers. They are all facing impossible choices this Christmas and into the new year. That is why we are seeking donations to help families pay for food, heat their homes and ensure their children get a decent Christmas.

“We are asking people to please donate whatever they can spare at either a local collection, online or over the phone to help people who are struggling now and will continue to struggle through this winter and into the new year,” Ms McGowan stated.

Ways to donate to SvP include via online at, by phone on 0818 176 176 (ROI ) or 028 9075 0161 (NI ) or by post to SVP, PO Box 1234, Dublin 1, with cheques made payable to ‘Society of St. Vincent de Paul’ or direct to a regional office. Also, keep an eye out for special blue envelopes in newspapers, churches and delivered to homes throughout the country.


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