Reversing long Covid-19 conditions with regular OxyGeneration sessions

Clients of OxyGeneration continue to report ‘phenomenal results’ for long Covid-19 symptoms.

The value of these OxyGeneration sessions is based on scientific evidence. Jennifer Flaherty a senior clinic executive at OxyGeneration stating that “it’s the ability of hyperbaric oxygenation to reverse hypoxic (shortage of oxygen ) tissue injury at a cellular level. The tissue injury is mainly in the brain.”

This is why hyperbaric oxygenation has helped reverse symptoms which include neurological dysfunction, balance, brain fog, headaches, extreme fatigue, joint pain, heart palpitations, lung injury and breathlessness. Episodes of depression can be related to inflammation.

It is reported that approximately 20% of those who suffered infection will suffer debilitating symptoms for an extended period of time even after one is no longer infected.

So why does long Covid-19 occur? Jennifer Flaherty states that”‘the virus attacks the tissue causing functional damage and scarring and this has a knock-on effect throughout the body. Lower oxygen levels are being delivered to cells causing hypoxia throughout the body which interferes with cell function and regeneration. Without the oxygen requirements being met the body is slow to recover and inflammation and tissue damage at a cellular level is reversed.”

Daily sessions are required until symptoms are resolved.

To find out more about how hyperbaric oxygenation can help call 091- 39 44 44 (24 hour messages ) or email [email protected].


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