Life changing Sirius Awakening seminar at Sheraton Athlone

Ronan Rooney brings Sirius Awakening to the Sheraton Hotel Athlone on Saturday, January 26. The powerful speaker says his mission is to help people to recognise their Authentic Self, have the courage to embrace change and inspire them to be the best expression they can be.An appropriate and positive manner in which to start the new year.

Through Sirius, the personal development business Ronan founded in 2005, Ronan has developed empowerment programs to give people deep insight into their own lives and desires as well as the tools to action them. One of the effects of Sirius gaining more traction are invitations extended to Ronan to speak across the globe in 2019 by internationally recognised personal development experts at key seminars. 2019 sees Ronan present his Sirius Awakening program as well as speaking at and co-facilitating a number of international events in Toronto, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Tuscany, Marbella and San Diego along with two Irish dates in January and December.

At the core of his Sirius program, Ronan shares his personal story and what he did to get to love living life again. Unlike many, he speaks from a position of knowledge and experience. Knowledge from his BA Degree in Philosophy and the Master’s Degree he is currently completing in Consciousness & Transpersonal Psychology. The experiential aspect comes in part from his dealing with and overcoming a number of serious life challenges culminating in depression.

Sirius Awakening is the latest in the Sirius Program Series. In Sirius Awakening, Ronan shares the truth about who you really are, what the world is really about and what is the underlying force that is behind everything and everyone. Incorporated in this one day immersion seminar is the philosophy of ancient traditions, advances in personal development, discoveries in quantum mechanics, consciousness studies and the evolution of Transpersonal Psychology.

Speaking about the re-energising of Sirius Ronan said, “my mission is to continue to learn and teach about the true nature of life and reality by sharing what I have learned and experienced about the meaning of life and who we really are. My goal is to help as many as I can to realise the true meaning of their life, embrace and express their authentic self in every role they play and in all aspects of their personal and professional lives.

“I had my own awakening which I shared as much as possible through Sirius before the effects of the property crash made this untenable. I went back to focusing fully on the family auctioneering business in a bid to survive that tumultuous time as well as managing property interests we had. I feel the stress levels I had over this period, as well as a number of other factors, contributed towards the depression and other challenges I lived with and subsequently defeated. I want to help others. not just overcome their challenges, but to go one step further and love life by expressing their true Authentic Self.”

Ronan has himself worked with and been endorsed by world leaders in the personal development industry including Leslie Fieger, Deepak Chopra and Robin Sharma. Ronan describes Leslie as the most influential teacher he has worked and studied with. The seminar environments created by Leslie utilize cutting edge technology to create an immersive multi-sensory experience that is unrivalled.

Speaking with regard to their ever developing working relationship, Leslie acknowledged that Ronan is one of the “greats” in his field.

“It is one thing, on a personal level, to know the essential truths about life; it is another thing to be able to empower other people to gain those insights for themselves. Ronan has the ability to do that. There are many teachers out there in the world. Some great. Some not so great. Ronan is one of the greats. His ability to enunciate the metaphysical in a clearly practical and applicable way is in a class by itself. His heartfelt way of explaining how to live a life of meaning, purpose and prosperity is exceptional. The personal time I have spent with Ronan is amongst the most treasured moments of my life. If you are presented with the opportunity to attend one of his events or to be in relationship with him, do not hesitate to grasp that opportunity.”

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