Galway family’s new cookbook helping to bring people on an adventure

Camping Soul Food, the bumper 60 meal cookbook with a difference, is restirring that sense of adventure through its pages as each recipe is paired with a soul song and playlist to listen and dance to while you prep and cook. The dishes can be cooked anywhere that your travel and adventure take you, even if it is to the back yard or a local park.

All this food and music magic has been created by the Buggans, a family of three who love exploring Ireland in their campervan. After countless trips, which started with surviving on burgers and pasta-pesto, Carrie, Mal, and Easkey Buggans got more experienced and learned so much about cooking hacks with limited space, prioritising the fridge to store beers and refreshments, and how much more enjoyable brilliant tunes are when you are outdoors with tasty grub.

What started out as a random collection of notes and scribbles and promises of “one day, we’ll write a book” has finally come to fruition, due in no small part to the last 12 months.

The hardback A5 book, which was designed and photographed in Galway, is now available to pre-order from online Indiegogo campaign. You can choose to pre-order the book at a discounted rate, or you can choose one of the packages - from a cookbook and Camping Soul Food frisbee, to a Camping Soul Food barbecue for you and your family (once we can travel around the country again ).

The book is due for delivery in May 2021. Check out Camping Soul Food at or on Facebook at


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