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Making the most of every inch of space in the garden

Making the most of every inch of space in the garden

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a garden designer must have a great life altogether, wafting about among pretty flowers, stopping here and there to smell the roses, and smile as a butterfly flutters past. Sure it’s hardly a job at all! Except, of course, that’s not quite how it works in real life, so today ladies and gentlemen, a behind -the -scenes glimpse of one part of the design process, the Site Assessment. The parameters of this can be vary from a thorough walk through with observations and photos taken from every angle to a complete site survey with measurements.

Freezing rain, hailstones and gale force winds are such constant companions that they’re affectionately regarded as part of the team. Brambles, nettles and concealed rocks add that little frisson that you just don’t get in a carpeted, centrally heated office, and uneven ground and mud that sucks the wellies off you help keep you on your toes, when you’re not falling face first or rear first into it, obviously. Sunshine, to be fair, is not unknown, but only on days when there’s a two hour car journey each way and you’ve forgotten the sunblock.

Getting a feel for the site is a vital part of the design process – what can you see from different parts of the garden, what should the eye be drawn to and what should be artfully concealed? Which bits are most exposed and which are sheltered? What does this particular home need to enhance its appearance and make the garden a happy place that the whole family can enjoy? These and many other questions are constantly running through the mind of the designer during the site visit.

You need to take accurate measurements of the house and garden so the garden plans can be drawn to scale, making it much easier to allocate the budget to the most important features in the right way.

Anne Byrne Garden Design provides easy to follow Garden Plans that you can implement right away or in stages. Anne’s design flair and passion for plants brings a touch of magic to gardens of all sizes.

Taking garden measurements for a design project

Taking garden measurements for a design project

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It’s all about how the space works, you see, whether it’s a compact town back garden or a large, sweeping country one. The site itself often suggests certain features or suitable kinds of planting – but these have to work with the client’s wish list, or they don’t make it into the final design. So many things are possible, but which ones will work best right here? It can be a really difficult puzzle, but it’s one I enjoy solving very much – so you don’t have to.


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