Top five style tips for making anyone look their best

Know thyself

Trend watching and mimicking is all good, but make sure the look embodies your true essence. The key to style is believability. You must own your look and be the wearer of your clothes; you can't let trends wear you.

Know thy tailor

A great tailor is essential to the perfect presentation of your image. Regardless of your lifestyle, the perfect fit for your suits, jackets, dresses, shirts and denim is as important as fresh haircuts and white teeth. Your local tailor/drycleaner should be your best friend as he/she can ensure you look polished and believable.

Know thy foundation

Where dressing women is concerned, you must be body conscious. Your curves are defined first with your underpinnings. Having the right bra, that fits and works with what you are wearing, is essential. Another undergarment women can't live without is Spanx— a body form that acts as a girdle, holding everything in. Celebrity women wear them, especially when they are going to be photographed and will be out for a while.

Know thy audience

Dress appropriately for the event. Know where you are going to be, who will see you and the proper attire. Whether it's a movie premiere, basketball game, music video, photo shoot or black tie event, be appropriate no matter where you are.

Know thy accessories

Accessories are key to completing your perfect style. Jeans and a t-shirt will be transformed by the right necklace, chain, shades, watch or bag. Accessories personalise your look and differentiate you from other people who might also be wearing all black or a top and jeans. If you throw on a scarf, a belt, some hot boots or a bag it will make a big difference. It's those touches that individualise a look.

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